One of the most important things in life is to pursue your dreams. Set your goals, and work hard with a lot of effort in order to achieve those goals. Sometimes, you will have certain obstacles, but if you are persistent enough, everything is possible. If your dream is to become a fashion stylist, you should start working on that on time. Of course, it is never too late to make your dreams come true, but if you already know what you want to do, start now. When you look at all those fashion icons, such as actors, singers or models, most of them do have a support of a fashion stylist who is standing behind making sure that they will always look good. If you want to be one of those people who are creating fashion icons, here are some tips you can find useful.


  1. Learn as much as you can about garment construction and fabrics ?If you do not go to fashion designer schools, you can learn so much about fabrics on your own. The thing is, expensive clothing is not costly for no reason. You need to know more about fabrics. When you have some free time, go to the stores with expensive clothing, and compare those materials with those in the stores with cheaper clothing. After some practice, you will know the difference, and you will know how to recognize the high-quality material.

  2. Follow trends ? If you want to be a fashion stylist, you have to know what is trendy at the moment. No matter what your main goal is, to become a fashion stylist for celebrities or editorials, this task is a must. You need to keep the track and pay attention to every significant new fashion detail.

  3. Attend to various fashion events ? It is very important to know what is going on in the world of runways. You will know the trends, and more importantly, you will have the chance to make connections in the fashion world that may help you in the future.

  4. Working experience ? If you want to become a successful stylist, working experience is something without you can go further with. There are many internships available, and even if you are not paid enough, or if you are not paid at all, you will be able to learn, and that is priceless, especially for you.

  5. Hard work and dedication ? This is the key when it comes to success in any business. Work as hard as you can and you will be rewarded for your effort. During your internship, you will meet important people, and if you are a hard-working person, they will notice that, and you will get your chance.




If you are a plus-size lady, sometimes you feel left out when it comes to fashion. When you check some fashion events, especially fashion shows, you will see only skinny models on the runway. However, in the last few years, there were very successful plus-size models in the fashion world, which showed that having curves and not being skinny is wonderful and sexy. When it comes to ordinary ladies all around the world who are busy moms, business women or students, being skinny can be a huge challenge. It is not easy at all. Models, actress and signers are paying more attention to their looks, and when you see them in magazines, you think you must look exactly the same in order to be beautiful. Even though you are struggling with few extra pounds, you can look stunning. You are gorgeous. Here are some amazing fashion tips that will help you to look even prettier than you do already.


  1. Avoid loose clothing ? The clothes you buy should be in your size. If you buy something that is few more sizes above your own, you will only look bigger. That will not help you at all, and it will just ruin your self-confidence. The same effect will be if you buy clothes that are too small for you. If you want to feel good and look excellent, your own size is the best choice.

  2. High heels ? You will always look far better if you wear shoes with high heels. Heels will visually elongate your figure, and you will look slimmer.

  3. Black dress ? Make sure that you have the black dress in your closet. This classical piece will look great on you, no matter if the sleeves are long or not. Deep V-neck is an excellent idea.

  4. Long jackets ? When it comes to jackets, short ones will make you look lower and bigger, so make sure you avoid them. Long jackets with a nice waist area will suit your perfectly.

  5. Belt is your friend ?A good belt over the blouse, dress or shirt can do wonders. If you have the curves, make sure you highlight them. You will look attractive and sexy.


These are some tips that will help you to look even more beautiful. However, the most important advice when it comes to your looks is to love your body. Accept your curves, and understand that you do not have to be skinny. Having curves is not bad; it is sexy. Fashion will be your friend only if you love the way you look. With these several tips, you will have more self-esteem, and you will realize that you are very attractive.



For decades, fashion is a part of life of millions of people all around the globe, men and women. Through fashion, you can express your style and character, and if you know the most important fashion tricks, you will definitely always look good. Having your own personal style is great. Following the fashion trends blindly is not always a good idea. If something is trendy at this very moment that does not mean it will suit you perfectly. However, there are certain fashion advices that will help you to improve your looks.


  1. White shirt ?White shirt definitely is a must have in every closet. It is a classical piece, and you can combine it with practically everything. It goes great with jeans, long or short skirts and pants. You can wear it on a date, and it can be the part of your favorite dress combination for work. It will always look different. It can look casual or formal, which is why you need to have one.

  2. Little black dress ? How many times have you heard a story about the powerful little black dress? It really is such a wonderful piece, and you can combine it with different shoes, jewelry, scarfs or jackets each time you wear it, which is why it can never be boring. Choose the model that suits you the best, and whenever you are not sure what to wear, little black dress will be an option. That is why it is so great.

  3. Colorful accessories ? Choose your accessories smartly. If you love to wear neutral colors, then lively accessory will make your combination more stylish, chic and vivid. You can never go wrong! Moreover, your accessories will be more noticeable on you.

  4. If a certain model suits you well have several pieces in different colors ? This definitely is one of the best fashion tips ever. You already know that you should avoid specific skirt or dress model, because it does not suit you perfectly. On the other hand, you know exactly which type of dress will look amazing on you. When you know that something will look great on you, feel free to have several same models in different colors and patterns. You can never go wrong. Black or white dress will not look identical on you, even if they are tailored in the exact same way.

  5. Good pair of jeans ? Jeans is timeless. It is the piece that will always be fashionable and trendy, and you can combine it with everything. Among many popular models, you need to choose the one that will look great on you, and stick to that model. Never change something that suits you perfectly.



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